The anthropocentric worldview has led to the privileging of the human experience and an asymmetric relationship with the non-human. We have created artificial distinctions between objects and subjects; between ourselves, products of our creation and the ‘natural’ physical world. The earth is presented as our object - a resource for our exploitation. This is embedded in western approaches to the climate crisis - the blue marble is considered a valuable object needing protection, situating the present approach to the Climate Crisis within the destructive anthropocentric worldview.  

A system of dialogue has been created between the 12 AI jurors. In this staged conversation, I act as foreperson, feeding the output of one AI juror into another. The AI jurors include text generators, image generators, image recognitions, animation software and more.To better understand each of the 12 AI jurors, a series of test conversations were conducted, demonstrating how they deliberate on certain topics. These tests begin to reveal personality traits of each juror, as well as the relationships between them, with some alliances and conflicts forming.