The Climate is a tricky thing to understand. It is no surprise that the growing scale of global modelling is concentrated in the study of the Climate. These models are vital for our growing understanding of the physical climate and the impact of our actions upon it. Through bringing the future world into the present, climate models have driven our concept of sustainability and the urgency of action to address emissions.

Yet, climate modelling poses a tension, between the attempted anthropocentric control over the world, with a sense of the model’s own autonomy; a feeling that the model itself is an ecosystem, separate from our subjectivity and bias. Perhaps there is confusion between the model and the climate itself. Re-framing our understanding of climate models by no means undermines their importance. Rather, it calls for the need to recognise Climate Models as a medium for speculation, a tool that helps us shape our collective behaviour towards the climate. This shift in understanding gives us agency over the future.